Tesla Model X Fatal Accident

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    This is what you'd call total destruction of a vehicle. I'm not sure if this is because of the impact with the center rail, the collision from the other cars, the fire or even the process of getting the driver out, if there was one. Sometimes they cut the car up in order to get access to the occupants, but this car is completely messed up so bad that I don't think that was even necessary. I'd be curious if the driver was even in a seat at the time they found him.

    The wreckage was severe enough the logs have not yet been retrieved. I'm curious if there is simple a problem accessing the storage device or if that device was completely destroyed and is inaccessible.

    Tesla states that cars routinely make this passage and have not heard of a single accident, so I'd be interested to know what really went on here. They have issued a statement here:


    DZAEr7DVMAA5AgY.jpg DZAEr7FU8AA4zTn.jpg DZAEr7ZVoAA4QHh.jpg
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    Tesla has updated the situation, Autopilot was engaged: